Yorkshire born and raised, Kitty’s musical education ranged from classical to jazz and she is a multi-instrumentalist but she has only recently found her singing voice, and for this an acoustic guitar is the perfect accompaniment.

Whilst growing up in leafy West Yorkshire, Kitty studied flute to ABRSM Grade 8, along with piano and saxophone to Grade 5 standard. She studied A-Level Music at Leeds College of Music and has played in many ensembles and bands.

Kitty made her debut covering Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan on the Ukeylove scene and progressed to writing and performing her own songs on guitar, releasing the debut album ‘Master & Pioneer’ in 2011. She writes deeply personal and idiosynchratic songs from the heart.

Kitty’s second album ‘ Life is Warfare and a Journey Far from Home ‘ was released on gatefold CD on December 3rd 2013. The title is taken from the philosophical meditations and observations of Marcus Aurelius, which has been a key influence for her. The album is available at¬†

With a small but loyal following she has already played several high-profile folk venues including the Green Note in Camden and is always looking for ¬†friendly venues to perform her ever expanding back catalogue of original songs. Most recently she was honoured to perform at the prestigious singer/songwriter festival Upstart Crow 2016, in Spitalfields, London. She is currently based in Hawke’s Bay, North Island, New Zealand.

To contact Kitty directly please find her on Facebook or email at for gig enquiries and album sales