Stealing Pat Butcher’s wardrobe

Another amazing gig at the Old Queen’s Head in Islington last Monday, I was overwhelmed in the main by the caring support and positive feedback I received afterward. I tried out a brand new loud, floral printed jacket with large shoulder pads that I just got in the January sales. Some guy heckled me saying ‘did you get it from Pat Butcher?’ I had to reply in all honesty, ‘it is too soon, man’.

Having only just recovered from the shock of her untimely death, I hadn’t even had time to realise that actually I was now channeling her from beyond the grave. Something about her loud earrings and oversized shoulders enabled her to survive almost anything, take the bull by the horns and just get on with it. Slapping on my warpaint two days later for a difficult work meeting, I knew there was something in it. She was a Survivor, and I’m not ashamed to be stealing her style.

working on a new song, i’m afraid it’s pretty bleak but that’s the way it goes sometimes!